Bill Shore led the sailmaking industry in sail design and sail construction technology for 30 years. He excelled equally in one-design racing and all offshore handicap systems. Bill led the technology advance into designing sails in Cuben Fiber, the newest and best sail material. Today, Bill serves clients with advice on sail design and materials, and coaching and clinics to build strong racing teams who have fun and succeed at top level competition. Sail through my site and call or email me with your questions or to discuss your needs.

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Once you learn competitive speed, itís a whole new sport         

Few sailboat racers ever experience the best of sailboat racing ó top speed around the whole course. Their lack of competitive speed hinders their enjoyment and their results. We would like to help you understand how to achieve this level of competition, and experience the best our sport has to offer. Letís start with developing your upwind speed.         

Bill Shore with Randy Shore

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What's special about Cuben Fiber? It is 50 % to 70% lighter than Kevlar, four times more durable than Kevlar, and lasts as long as Spectra. It substantially improves the strength to weight ratio over conventional sail fabric. A polymer matrix embeds the fiber with Allied's long chain polymer (Spectra) and is sandwiched between layers of polyester film. There are no twisted filaments to cause crimp. It is dramatically thinner than other laminates. It allows flex without losing strength. After being folded 250 times, Kevlar laminate loses 80% of its breaking strength while Cuben Fiber retains nearly 100% of its original strength. It is not effected by salt water nor does it soak up water. It has the best resistance to UV along with Dacron. 

Cuben Fiber Enhancements. In 2002, carbon was added for sails designed for high level race specific sails. In 2001, a new soft hand Tedlar coating replaced the mylar outer laminate of previous Cuben Fiber. In addition, a titanium oxide treatment extends the protection of the sail from ultra violet deterioration.

Raven with Cuben Fiber Sails 


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