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Bill's Cruising Mainsail
Bill's fully-battened Cruising Mainsail takes advantage of his computer-designed sailmaking technology used in race-winning sails and combines it with the cruising sailor's requirements for longevity and durability. His careful selection of cloth contributes to your sail's performance. His fanned radial reinforcements are high-strength, low-stretch and lightweight. Specifically-selected battens and batten-end systems contribute to the airfoil sail shape and reduce friction in the mast groove during hoisting, lowering and reefing. Storage is quick and efficient as the full-length battens control flogging.

Bill's Triradial Cruising Headsail
The Triradial Cruising Headsail is large and powerful to give your boat vitality in light conditions. Its high performance shape has a panel arrangement designed to open the leech under increased loading, resulting in a flatter, draft-forward shape desirable in higher winds. When reefed, it is engineered to flatten and resist stretch for top performance. A crescent of closed-cell foam in the luff acts to remove depth from the center of the sail when it is reefed, further flattening the sail to achieve a true heavy-air shape and a neat roll when fully furled. A lightweight adhesive Dacron cover over the exposed leech and foot provides 100% protection from UV rays and the elements when the sail is furled, without adding the bulk and ballooning associated with conventional furling covers.
Bill's Asymmetrical Cruising Spinnaker
The innovative Asymmetrical Cruising Spinnaker adds more performance to your cruising inventory than any other sail. Bill molds the spinnaker in three dimensions on the computer based on his America's Cup design development experience. His highly efficient cruising design, slightly smaller than the racing sail, has a tri-radial panel layout with radial reinforcements for strength, durability and low weight. Our easy-to-use spinnaker is versatile, helping to keep your engine off in calm weather. Your confidence in using it in heavier weather will increase as you learn that its deep entry decreases your boat's oscillations and it performs efficiently from a beam reach to a broad run.

Raising and lowering the Asymmetrical Spinnaker can be handled easily by one person with our snuffer—a full-length sleeve that contains the sail while it's hoisted and doused.

We encourage customers to have fun in selecting the colors and patterns for their asymmetrical spinnakers.

Bill's  Heavy Weather/Storm Sails
Windy conditions demand special sails. Bill's Heavy Weather Jib, Storm Jib and Storm Trisail help you gain control and give you the confidence to proceed knowing that the sails are designed to perform in heavy wind and sea conditions. Each sail is designed with quality materials and durable construction. Your boat, its rig and your needs are considered in the design of these sails.

The Heavy Weather Jib is the workhorse of your heavy weather inventory. It is high-clewed with minimum foot-round to purposefully allow waves to wash across the foredeck. The sail features heavily reinforced corners for durability and a head pennant to allow the halyard to be fully hoisted.

The Storm Jib is high-clewed with a straight foot to handle extreme conditions. Pennants at the head and tack keep the sail properly on the headstay for overall balance and to reduce chafe with rigging. Heavily reinforced cores ensure the sail is strong.

The Storm Trisail is approximately 1/3 the area of your full mainsail. It is designed to sheet to the rail or the end of the boom and can be hoisted on either an independent track or the mainsail track. Quality construction and detailing ensure durability in severe weather conditions.

Storm sails are now made in international orange for added safety.


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