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Bill Shore is an expert coach with more than 40 years of experience. His programs are considered among the best in the industry. The reason is simple. Success. Whether Bill sails on the boat providing coaching around the race course for the owner, driver and crew, or he coaches off the boat, every team learns to work together more efficiently taking advantage of opportunities around the course.

Coaching is very important to your long term enjoyment of sailing and racing. you operate at a higher level of intensity and skill. Your results improve and your enjoyment of the sport increases. Bill's programs are designed for sailors who strive to be the best of the best, who want to see results and are committed to a program.

Talk to Bill about his programs and design one that will work for you.

  • One-on-One Coaching Programs

  • Onboard Coaching

  • Regatta Coaching

  • A Season of Coaching

  • Super Star Competition Event

If you are interested, Bill will talk to you about obtaining and fulfilling sponsorship, and his son's Motocross program. He coaches middle and high school children in Motocross.


Bill Shore, Shore International

Bill is a successful sailor who has always been committed to improving the performance of his customers. He will work with you with advice on your boat, it's rigging, it's sail opportunities, it's tuning and your crew work. He conduct clinics on sail trim, tuning, tactics, and crew efficiency on your boat.

Bill has won more than 25 world and national sailing championships in a wide variety of centerboards and small keelboats. He has participated on many winning offshore boat campaigns. He served as navigator/helmsman on the Heart of America America's Cup campaign and as Sail Development Director/Afterguard and Coach on the winning America3 Foundation campaign, in which major changes were made in the design of sails, the exploration of asymmetrical spinnakers and the choices of fabrics. Bill loves motorcycles and owns some exotic European bikes which he rides in Newport and occasionally races on racetracks around the country.

Bill is responsible for revolutionizing sail design performance, initially using a calculator and later interfacing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with molded designs and vertical curvature design philosophy. He is committed to helping customers achieve their highest performance, assisting them through clinics, conversations and coaching. Bill coached Allison Jolly and Lynne Jewel Shore in their win of the first Olympic Gold Medal for women in the 470. He has coached sailors around the world at major championships and Olympic Games. He served as Chairman of the US SAILING Olympic Yachting Committee and led the US team at the 1996 Olympics.

Recently, Bill has coached the Farr 40, Barking Mad, in Australia at the World Championships and at the Acura SORC in Miami. He worked with Marc Ewing and his team on Risk at Key West. He has active programs planned with an additional Farr 40 and with Yngling sailors preparing for the Olympics.

Bill has an engineering degree and began his career as an engineer. He raised his famiy in Newport. He skis and sails when he isn't coaching.

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