Choosing Sails with 35 Years of World Class Performance

Winning sails are Bill Shore's signature.

Bill Shore built his reputation on his winning performance in small boats. Through the years, he developed leading-edge designs and construction technologies which revolutionized the industry and started a tradition of winning.


Offshore Racing

Bill knows what it takes to win in IMS, PHRF and AmeriCap racing. For more than 35 years, he has built winning sails for racing champions from local competitors to international grand prix sailors.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) designs, high-quality, high-performance and durable sails contribute to his extraordinary string of victories which include America's Cup, Commodore's Cup, Key West Race Week, SORC, Kenwood Cup, Block Island Race Week, Big Boat Series, NOOD Regattas and many more.

Sail Design & Construction Performance Breakthroughs

Bill designs fast sails with shapes that outperform the competition. Construction technologies contribute to their superior performance.

Sail design theory has changed substantially in recent years, improving sail performance in wider ranges of wind and sea conditions.

The new design theory uses minimized vertical curvature (MVC) in the lower sections of the main and the headsails, giving you far more depth adjustment. Bill led this new design thinking with our America's Cup sail design development program which allowed an amateur sailor to steer and win the highly competitive America's Cup.

Take a look at what contributes to Bill's success:

  • leadership of sail development for the winning America's Cup program for Bill Koch's America3 Foundation
  • advanced computer-molded designs based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • accurate duplication of sail designs by high-powered laser cutting equipment with a 1/10 of a millimeter accuracy, which made us the world's largest supplier of cut sail panels
  • pioneering the first computer empirical design program, still unduplicated by our competitors
  • creating the first three-step zigzag stitch for stronger and smoother spinnaker seams
  • introducing the first use of composite fabric sails, mixing materials to save weight and increase durability
  • constructing the first glued-only seamed sails for an American IMS racing boat
  • applying glued-only technology to spinnaker construction
  • increasing durability and extending sail life with UV protective glues in glued-only seams for performance cruising sails
  • using top quality materials including Dacron, Mylar and Pentex as well as Cuben, Spectra, Kevlar 21, Kevlar 49, PBO, Carbon, Vectran and other Aramids

What is the Spider Racing Series?

Our Spider Racing Series is the most advanced sail design for offshore boats. Like a spider's web, our Spider racing sails are lightweight yet extremely strong. In the same way that silk strands share a web's loads, sailcloth panels in our Spider sails radiate from the corners to distribute loads throughout the entire sail.

Spider technology allows your sail to be built to match your needs with attention to detail which cannot be achieved in non-paneled sails. We tailor your sails with

  • strength
  • weight
  • durability
  • top-quality sailcloth from the best cloth manufacturers
  • leading edge construction techniques including glued seams

  • Over time, Bill's Spider Racing sails can be adjusted to restore a sail's performance and to prolong the useful life of the sail so you will get the most out of your sail investment.



    Bill's cruising sails are designed to achieve the same performance as our racing sails. Each sail is durable, easy to handle and designed for maximum performance over a wide wind range. Whether your goal is to lengthen your daily mileage or to sail around the world, Bill designs quality sails to achieve your goal.

    Bill uses his experience from designing and building sails for BOC/Around-the-World Alone racers to create long-lasting and fast cruising sails. Many of the finest cruising boats, classic yachts and contemporary cruisers choose his sails because they appreciate Bill's understanding of their desire for top performance and reliable durability. For instance, every reinforcement patch is radial cut to provide a significant enhancement to your sailís performance. Bill takes this extra care because he believes that quality cruising sails are essential to your sailing satisfaction.

    Bill's sails are constructed from high-quality materials. The newest materials combine exceptional warp strength, bias stability and a soft edge with excellent chafe resistance for durability, stability and ease of handling. You may choose between the ultimate durability of our warp-oriented woven Dacrons or the more performance-oriented biaxial Dacron laminates.

    Production techniques are unparalleled in the industry. The sophisticated computer design system and laser-cutting of each sail panel (accurate to within 1/10th of a millimeter) produce sails that fit your boat the first time. Attention to detail is a hallmark of Bill's state-of-the-art technology. All critical areas are hand-finished.

    He designs sails to complement your boat's rig, underwater shape and displacement. He works with you to improve the efficiency of your sail-handling system and boat set-up to make your cruising simpler and more enjoyable.


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