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  • Shore News November '98

    Once Again, 'Revolutionary' and 'Breakthrough' Belong to Shore Sails
    This is a big year in innovation for Shore Sails. Two major product introductions belong to Shore Sails—the RaceSail Series and Cuben Fiber.

    Sail purchasing decisions are much easier, now.

    The RaceSail is a revolutionary new breakthrough in sail design using elliptically shaped sail panels.

    Cuben Fiber is the best material available today, offering the highest performance whether you race or cruise.

    The RaceSail in Cuben Fiber is better than the sum of the two; it is a radical new product destined to out perform all competitors. You can only order a RaceSail in Cuben Fiber from Shore Sails.

    Cuben Fiber and Dacron are the best two sail material choices available today. Choose Cuben Fiber for performance and Dacron for budget considerations.

    Why do you want a RaceSail in Cuben Fiber?
    You will have the lightest inventory possible. You will have the fastest and most durable sails available. You will have the happiest crew you have ever seen (sail handling is easier, pitching moment is low, righting moment is high and confidence is high).

    Where's the proof of success for the RaceSail in Cuben Fiber?
    Shore Sail's Cuben Fiber RaceSail main for Pamir, a Swan 55, was used at the 1998 Heineken Cup. In 30+ knots of breeze, this new main survived in race-ready condition while molded sails were self-destructing. This boat's mainsail weighs only 49 lbs. That's right! A main for a Swan 55 which weighs 49 lbs. and survived 30 + knot winds successfully.

    Do you need more assurance?
    Shore Sails is building two inventories of RaceSails in Cuben Fiber for Around Alone competitors, American Bob Adams and Russian Viktor Yazykov. These bluewater racers choose Cuben Fiber RaceSails because of the durability of the material when it was used on Toshiba, Dennis Conner's Whitbread entry.

    Cuben Fiber is unquestionably the best material for sails ever made.

    Paneled sails are proven faster than molded sails. The RaceSail is a panel sail, designed in an elliptical pattern to improve its efficiency. Paneled sails won most important classes at Key West in 1998 despite the popularity of molded sails.

    What's special about the RaceSail? Elliptical load carriers transfer loads from the corners (head, clew and tack) smoothly through the sail. Every panel is shaped to give you better control of the sail in different wind and sea conditions. Every seam has an efficient purpose in addition to joining material (unlike other contrived sails where seams simply join panels). Shaping is distributed across the sails to create a smoother design. Accurate adjustment at the end of the season can restore the RaceSail's shape to almost new condition based on the sail's actual hours of use.

    What's special about Cuben Fiber? It is 50 % to 70% lighter than Kevlar, four times more durable than Kevlar, and lasts as long as Spectra. It substantially improves the strength to weight ratio over conventional sail fabric. A polymer matrix embeds the fiber with Allied's long chain polymer (Spectra) and is sandwiched between layers of polyester film. There are no twisted filaments to cause crimp. It is dramatically thinner than other laminates. It allows flex without losing strength. After being folded 250 times, Kevlar laminate loses 80% of its breaking strength while Cuben Fiber retains nearly 100% of its original strength. It is not effected by salt water nor does it soak up water. It has the best resistance to UV along with Dacron.

    Do you want more information?

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  • Cuben Fiber
  • 1998 Brag Bag
    Shore Sail's new Etchells designs won three of four races in the 1998 Florida State Championships in windy conditions.

    In Lightnings, North American champion Tim Healy won the 1998 Midwinter Regatta in St Pete and finished 3rd overall in the Lightning Southern Circuit.

    In Interclub dinghies, Tim Healy bested a fleet of Shore Sails winning the Nationals in a fleet of 58 boats. 13 of the top 15 used Shore Sails. All were hot shots including Shore's Geoff Moore, Bill Lynn, Neal Fowler and Bill Healy. Tim won the IC Midwinters, too.

    In the prestigious Monroe-Miami to Palm Beach Race against 30 boats, Juan Torres, Sono III, a Benneteau 42.S7 took 2nd overall with Shore Sails. Juan missed 1st overall by 30 seconds corrected. The 60-mile beat in 18-20 knots was kinder to racers than normal as the wind had a slight NW bias reducing the waves in the Gulf Stream. Mr. Torres beat the Maxi Javelin, the new Nelson Merek 43 Vim and a Farr 40. Nice going, Juan and crew.

    In the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, FedEx Tenshun tied for first in the racing division but lost the tie breaker. FedEx Tenshun carried a complete inventory of Shore Sails from Mark Wood in Miami. Mark used Dimension's Polyants Sport Cloth in the #1 and #2 Genoas, and Type 52 Dacron in the mainsail and #3 Genoa.

    In the Cutty Sark SORC, Tom Seghis' Happy Apple, S2 9.1, finished 2nd in PHRF 5 with Shore Sails.

    Shore Sails dominated the J 80 Midwinters and won the event.

    At the Sonar Midwinters, Shore Sails shined with a 2nd overall.

    Mark Wood is racing at Antigua Race Week with Dougie Myers on Legacy, Soveral 43, with a new #1 Genoa made from Dimension Polyant KXV 14T. Dougie is one of only three skippers who have raced in all Antigua Race Weeks for more than 20 years. Shore Sails' new Cuben Fiber Race Sails are on two Swan 55's at Antigua Race Week, one with Geoff Moore aboard and the other with Ben Altman.

    Bill Shore is racing an Etchells at Bermuda Race Week (he loves this regatta and normally races an IOD) with Dick Hodgeson and past Lightning World Champion and Pan Am winner, Canadian Peter Hall.

    Shore Sails enjoyed lots of podium finishes (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in One Designs in 1997.

    Position One Design Class Event
    2nd Atlantic Nationals
    2nd Ensign Nationals & North Americans
    1st Etchells Verve Cup
    2nd Etchells Midwinters, Coral Reef
    1st Interclub Nationals
    2nd International 14 North Americans
    1st J 24 Royal Regatta & Queens Cup
    1st J 24 Great Lakes Championships
    1st J 35 Nationals
    1st J 80 North Americans
    1st` J 105 North Americans
    1st J 130 Texas Harvest Moon
    1st Lightning North Americans
    3rd Lightning Worlds
    1st & 2nd Lightning North American Championship Qualifiers
    1st Rebel Nationals
    1st Rhodes 18 Nationals
    1st San Juan 24 North Americans
    2nd Sonar Midwinters
    1st Sonar Atlantic Coasts
    2nd Sonar Long Island Sound Championship
    2nd 210 Nationals

    Most of these boats had full inventories of Shore Sails and most were our customer's results, not our sailmaker's! Nice going, everyone!


    Shore News November '97

    Welcome to our new Web page. We have led the sailmaking industry in many areas of design and construction technology developments. We feel that communicating with you, our customer or potential customer, through Web technology dovetails with our philosophy. Let us know what you think about the site, where you would like to see improvements, how we can serve your information needs better. We hope you enjoy your visit and will call us for more information on our winning sails.

    The Shore Team

    Our Customers' Winning Performance -updated 11/20/97

    Raven. Is she the fastest IMS boat under 45 feet in America?
    It's just possible, given her spectacular first season. Good job, Dr. Botino and crew. The helmsmen this year included Gino Botino, Tom Kinney (Shore Connecticut), Bill Tripp (Raven designer) and Scott Ferguson, (Hall Spars). Raven, Tripp 43, carried a complete inventory of Shore Sails from the day she was commissioned. These latest minimized vertical curvature designs were built out of PBO Aramid materials. Raven concluded the season with 1st in class in the Stamford Vineyard Race, 1st (beating Wired) and tied for Boat of the Week in the Newport Regatta, 1st (beating Wired) in the Buzzards Bay Regatta and 2nd in IMS at American Yacht Club Fall Series. Earlier in the summer she was 2nd at Block Island Race Week.

    Lightning Success at the North Americans
    We had another strong year in Lightnings, with Tim Healy winning the North Americans and top collegiate skipper Andy Horton tied for 2nd in points (3rd in scoring). At the Worlds, we were 3rd overall. Tim Healy sailed exceptionally well in lots of current and would have won easily except for having to take a 12 point Z-flag penalty. Our new spinnaker with its distinctive V center panel is the fastest sail downwind at every Lightning regatta.

    BOC Orders
    Shore Sails is building sails for two BOC boats. We plan to use the new, non-carbon Cuben fabric, which is the same fabric Dennis Connor used on Toshiba's main for the first leg of the Whitbread. We use our fast race-winning sail shapes for these bluewater racers enhancing them with the most durable and strongest material and construction techniques. We apply these results to performance sails we build for our cruising customers, which help them sail fast and with confidence in their sails. One BOC order is a Shore Rhode Island customer and the other is a Russian sailor.

    Winning Offshore Highlights
    Mike Caralano, a Shore Miami customer, had a spectacular win with his Hobie 33 Moving Party which finished 1st overall in the PHRF Columbus Day Regatta against 42 boats. Shore sails were used on the boat that won the very competitive J 35 Nationals and we had sails aboard a host of boats at the North Americans. Our J 35 sail shapes built out of PBO Aramid material are clearly superior. Don and Ann Brush won the Lake Champlain Mayor's Cup in their J 33, with Shore Sails. The Nelson Merck 43 Ptarmigan was first in the racer/cruiser class in the Stamford Vineyard Race.

    Winning One-Design Highlights
    So far this year, we were first or second at North American or National championships in Atlantics, Ensigns, Interclubs, International 14s, J 35s, J 80s, J 105s, Lightnings, Rebels, Rhodes 18s, San Juan 24s and 210s. We were third in the Shields and Sonars Nationals.

    Up-Coming Events
    On November 29, 1997, Mark Wood, Shore Miami, will present a seminar at a BBYRA/US SAILING sponsored Safety at Sea clinic. This popular day-long course focuses on offshore preparation, protocols with the US Coast Guard and dealing with emergencies. Mark will talk about sail selection and preparation. Contact Mark directly, email address, or 305/408-1500 for clinic information.

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