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Raven with Cuben Fiber Sails

Shore Sails' sailmakers know what it takes to win in IMS, PHRF and AmeriCap racing. For more than 30 years, Shore Sails has built winning sails for racing champions from local competitors to international grand prix sailors.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) designs, high-quality, high-performance and durable sails contribute to our extraordinary string of victories which include America's Cup, Commodore's Cup, Key West Race Week, SORC, Kenwood Cup, Block Island Race Week, Big Boat Series, NOOD Regattas and many more.

What is the Spider Racing Series?

Our Spider Racing Series is the most advanced sail design for offshore boats. Like a spider's web, our Spider racing sails are lightweight yet extremely strong. In the same way that silk strands share a web's loads, sailcloth panels in our Spider sails radiate from the corners to distribute loads throughout the entire sail.

Spider technology allows your sail to be built to match your needs with attention to detail which cannot be achieved in non-paneled sails. We tailor your sails with

  • strength
  • weight
  • durability
  • top-quality sailcloth from the best cloth manufacturers
  • leading edge construction techniques including glued seams

  • Over time, Shore's Spider racing sails can be adjusted to restore a sail's performance and to prolong the useful life of the sail so you will get the most out of your sail investment.

    Shore Spider Mainsails

    Shore Spider Headsails

    Shore Spider Spinnakers

    Shore Spider Mainsails

    The Shore Spider Mainsail panels change direction at four horizontal junctions for precise alignment. These panels are oriented to fan from the head and the clew following the load path through the leech.

    The luff of the sail allows controlled stretch for draft adjustment. Kevlar content is reduced as loads decrease in the forward and center sections of the sail. By saving weight in the non-load-bearing areas of the cloth, chafe-resistant taffetas can be added to key sections. As a result, the Shore Spider Mainsail has increased durability while being lighter than the industry average mainsail weight.

    Shore's Spider Mainsail design maximizes the efficiency of your rig. The sail is constructed with minimum luff curve to push the roach to the absolute limits of the applicable racing rule for increased projected area. Cored, tapered battens are used for to reduce weight. The specific flex characteristics of each batten match the sail shape. Rugged, sophisticated and streamlined batten pocket construction allows incremental tension control with fail-safe batten closure.

    Shore Spider Headsails

    Shore Sails recognizes the importance of building a genoa that holds its shape while wind and wave conditions change. Our proven computer shapes, combined with the strength characteristics of high-quality fabrics, ensure superior performance across the widest possible wind speeds.

    Shore's Spider Headsails attain minimum weight by tapering the Kevlar content in the center of the sail, where loads decrease. This effect actually flattens the sail as the loads along the foot and leech increase with sheet tension. When designing your Shore Spider Headsail, we pay strict attention to maximum area. The leech is engineered to give a consistent slot, compressing the airflow evenly along the leeward surface of the mainsail. This minimizes backwinding and produces the cleanest exit of airflow. The result is tighter sheeting on a narrower sheeting base which allows higher pointing with speed.

    Shore Spider Blade Jibs

    Shore's Spider Blade Jib designs fill the foretriangle as completely as the rig will allow. Blade Jibs are constructed with shaped panels because the wind range required for Blade Jibs is smaller. This locks the draft forward and opens the leech, an essential shape for performance in upper wind ranges.

    Shore Spider Spinnakers

    Shore Sails employs the most sophisticated computer-molded spinnaker design system in the industry, allowing each panel to be shaped separately. These molded panels fit together without distorting the lightweight spinnaker fabric. The result is the most efficient sail for maximum offwind speed. Breakthrough shapes are engineered for performance spinnakers in any size range, from runners for the Grand Prix Maxi circuit to world champion all-purpose J 24 spinnakers.

    Shore Spider Asymmetrical Spinnakers

    The Shore Spider asymmetrical spinnaker evolved from the most extensive research and development program ever conducted on asymmetrical spinnakers. The 1992 America's Cup course, introduced only for the 1992 Cup, was the famous zig-zag course with 100 and 135 downwind angles. Bill Shore led the research and design program based on the Shore Sails' design program and relying on the extensive resources of the America3 Foundation. The sails were built using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and tested on the water to determine superior shapes based on a combination of apparent wind angles, apparent wind speeds and the stability of the boat.

    This same combination of information is used today to build your asymmetrical spinnaker. The resulting smooth design and correctly-sized sail with appropriate cloth choice ensure your top performance off-the-breeze. Whether you sail a J 80, a Melges 24 or other asymmetrical boat, your performance will improve with our state-of-the-art asymmetrical spinnaker.

    For specific class information on Offshore One-Design Classes, please look in Shore Sail's One-Design section.

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