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Successful sailors who are committed to improving the performance of their customers own each Shore Sails loft. We assist you with advice on your boat, it's rigging, it's sail opportunities, it's tuning and your crew work. We conduct clinics on sail trim, tuning, tactics, and crew efficiency on your boat. Call or e-mail your local loft for more information and to schedule a clinic date.

Performance Begins with Bill and Doug Shore
Avid sailors, close brothers, noted athletes and captains of sporting teams throughout school, Bill and Doug Shore are the founding members of the Shore Sails team.

They both have engineering degrees and began their careers as engineers. They raised their families in Newport. They ski and sail, and share an interest in advancing sail design and construction to the forefront of performance.

Bill Shore, Shore Sails International
Bill has won more than 25 world and national sailing championships in a wide variety of centerboards and small keelboats. He has participated on many winning offshore boat campaigns. He served as navigator/helmsman on the Heart of America America's Cup campaign and as Sail Development Director/Afterguard and Coach on the winning America3 Foundation campaign, in which major changes were made in the design of sails, the exploration of asymmetrical spinnakers and the choices of fabrics. Bill loves motorcycles and owns some exotic European bikes which he occasionally races on racetracks around the country.

Bill is responsible for revolutionizing sail design performance, initially using a calculator and later interfacing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with molded designs and vertical curvature design philosophy. He is committed to helping customers achieve their highest performance, assisting them through clinics, conversations and coaching. Bill coached Allison Jolly and Lynne Jewel Shore in their win of the first Olympic Gold Medal for women in the 470. He has coached sailors around the world at major championships and Olympic Games. He served as Chairman of the US SAILING Olympic Yachting Committee and led the US team at the 1996 Olympics.

Doug Shore, Shore Sails Rhode Island
Doug races keelboats on Narragansett Bay and owned Etchells #22 for many years. He has won many regattas including a Lightning Districts and is a Past Commodore of Ida Lewis Yacht Club. Doug streamlined production of sails and introduced methods of duplicating designs accurately through laser cutting. He continues to look for methods to improve the construction quality of the sails. He leads the research into sailcloth improvements to ensure that each Shore sail is durable and easy to handle while achieving maximum performance. He enjoys fly-fishing, hunting and other outdoor pursuits. He is a World War II history buff. Doug and Eileen raised three daughters.

Shore Sails International
Together, Bill and Doug have built a single sail loft in Newport into a world-class business--Shore Sails International. The consistently high-quality of their design and the technically superb construction of their sails has attracted a network of talented sailmakers. Through license agreements, they have expanded worldwide. Shore Sails lofts are successful and increase their values. Several have been sold and resold, recognizing substantial returns for investors and renewing enthusiasm for meeting customer needs.

Do you want more proof of Shore's commitment to customers? Look at some of our sailmakers and their experience.

Bill Fastiggi, Shore Sails Burlington, is an expert sailmaker and rigger. His loft provides his local customers with a complete range of sailmaking services,  including on site new sail production, re-cuts and repairs, and a full rigging shop.  Bill has 17 years of experience with Shore Sails. He races with customers in one-design keelboats and offshore boats as tactician or sail trimmer, and usually ends up near the top of the fleet.   Bill races his own Lightning and was the 2000 Lightning North American runner-up, and Gold medalist in the 1999 Pan American Games.

Craig Thayer, Shore Sails Syracuse, sails Lightnings (owns two) and his Force Five. He helps his customers sail their one designs and PHRF racers on Lake Ontario and catamarans on Lake Oneida. He, also, enjoys cruising with customers in the 1,000 Islands.

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